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Food Visionaries Series Episode 5- Amirio Freeman

Nourished Palate Food Visionaries Series:

Ashia Aubourg, the founder of Nourished Palate, interviews visionaries in the food community leading innovation in various avenues of food.

Food Visionaries Episode 5 - Amirio Freeman:

Amirio Freeman

Amirio Freeman is a Black Queer Artist/Food Systems Advocate. Amirio is an Advocacy Specialist at Feeding America and advocates for resources and opportunities for food-insecure folks. ⁣

⁣Amirio is also the founder of @beinggreenwhileblack an archive on Instagram that visually highlights reclaiming the greenness of Blackness. ⁣

As if all of these initiatives weren’t enough - Amirio has also co-founded/created a mutual aid fund to support Black LGBQT+ youth. Support here:

During this interview, we discuss topics of:

  • Reclaiming The Greenness Of Blackness⁣

  • The Anti Hunger v. Food Justice Movement⁣

  • Violence That Charities Can Perpetuate ⁣

  • Food As Healing⁣

  • Mutual Aid For Justice⁣

  • Black LGBQT+ Rights⁣

  • And More ❤️⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

To learn more about Amirio check out his Instagram here.

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