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Farmer's Market + Pop Ups

In the past I've set up shop at the

South Loop Farmer's Market and other local businesses in Chicago. Some of my fan-faves include my Haitian Bundt Cakes, Bermudian Johnny Bread, and Mango Chocolate Chip Cookies. If you're interested in me hosting a pop-up please email me below.


Food Visionaries

The Food Visionaries series started off as a podcast during COVID-19.


In 2024, Ashia relaunched the series by interviewing folks in the food space who embody an imaginative approach to cultivating community.


Ampliyfing Community

I'd love to collaborate with you if you have a mutual aid or community initiative that you'd like me to amplify on any of my platforms. In the past, I've highlighted folks raising funds for new businesses/programs or amplified ongoing issues that need proper attention.

Food Visionaries

Episode 1: Maya Marie

For Maya Marie, the founder of Deep Routes, a nourished community centers folks feeling seen and heard, filled up, rested, and connected.

As a farmer and educator, Marie’s work focuses on creating safe spaces that uplift the stories of Afro-Indigenous foodways. Food offers a gateway for collective care, and you can easily find Maya trying to cultivate those moments. She created the Soul of Food series, which taps into BIPOC culinary and agricultural histories through cooking classes. In her workshops, you may learn that growing rice in your backyard is surprisingly simple or that you can use the stems of collard greens in your favorite stews. Her ethos to teaching mimics her values regarding the food system: Treat folks and the land with dignity and lean into your curiosities 🌱

Keep up with Deep Routes by:

Food Visionaries
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