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Food Visionaries Series Episode 2- Quianah Upton

Nourished Palate Food Visionaries Series:

Ashia Aubourg, the founder of Nourished Palate, interviews visionaries in the food community leading innovation in various avenues of food.

Food Visionaries Episode 2 - Quianah Upton:

Quianah Upton

"The earth is a battery, and the closer we are to earth - it recharges you - and pulls toxins - the earth is a healing battery, and is something has been essential to my own healing"

Quianah Upton is an Atlanta based creative entrepreneur, event producer, social justice advocate, and organizer. She is an artist working with embroidery, floral arrangement & spatial design, event producer, vintage housewares collector, & a food advocate. She is the founder of:

A platform that is committed to sharing and seeking stories that deserve to be uncovered from the people and spirits of the soil.

Nourish Botanica is a greenhouse eatery slated to launch in 2021 in the South and aims to be a space for sustainable green entertaining and gathering that supports the local food, art, and agriculture ecosystem. The eatery will serve Caribbean and Southern deli-style vegan offerings by day and open in the evening for public and private events. It will also operate as a nursery, selling plants, flowers, and herbs as well as offering gardening education and services through their farm partners. At their Botanica Bar, they will provide healing through art, flowers and plants grown in our greenhouse, food as medicine and herbal blends through teas, juices and mocktails.

During this interview, we discuss topics of:

  • Redefining What it Means to Socialize

  • Increasing Green Spaces in Black Communities

  • Food as Healing

  • Black Healing

  • Food Justice

  • Racial Justice

  • Caribbean & Southern Foodways

  • Persevering as a Black Entrepreneur

To learn more about Quianah Upton check out her website here.

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