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Food Visionaries Series Episode 3- Christyna Johnson (MS, RDN, LD)

Nourished Palate Food Visionaries Series:

Ashia Aubourg, the founder of Nourished Palate, interviews visionaries in the food community leading innovation in various avenues of food.

Food Visionaries Episode 3 - Christyna Johnson:

Christyna Johnson

"When I say I want people to have access to nutrient-dense foods- I don’t care if you eat them, that’s your choice - but I want you to have ACCESS."

Christyna Johnson is a passionate anti-diet Registered Dietitian, who advocates for nutrition rooted in social justice, health at every size, and intuitive eating. She is the founder of:

A platform that talks about intuitive eating, eating disorder and disordered eating recovery, body acceptance, food justice, and Health at Every Size (R).

During this interview, we discuss topics of:

  • Anti Diet Culture⁣

  • Health Disparities ⁣

  • Underrepresentation in Nutrition ⁣

  • Health at Every Size ⁣

  • Societal Pressures that Impact Diet Culture ⁣

  • Barriers to Nutrition Services ⁣

  • And More ❤️⁣⁣

To learn more about Christyna Johnson check out her website here.

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