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Bwason: Haitian Craft Pre-Made Cocktails

Purchase Pre-Made Craft Cocktails:

Bwason was born out of a love for cocktails and fresh ingredients. Dee's grandmother Amelie used to sell fruits and vegetables from her garden in Haiti. Dee, the founder of Bwason is inspired by her grandmother and Haiti's strength every day and that is what fuels her to be an entrepreneur.

Bring the bar to you!

I had the amazing opportunity to try Bwason Craft Pre-Made Cocktails and they went above and beyond my expectations. My favorite craft cocktails are ones that are island-inspired. I got the opportunity to try the:

  • Port-au-Prince (Pineapple, Passion Fruit, & Rum)

  • Mango Rita (Mango Nectar, Lime, Triple Sec & Tequilla)

  • Mashitup (Peach Nectar, Blackberry, Mint & Bourbon)

Each drink had its own flare and they were so delicious to drink. I have always been a fan of pre-made cocktails because they are perfect for dinner parties, trips to the beach, picnics, and more! More than ever, as we are trying to maintain our safety during this time, these pre-made cocktails can really help transform you into feeling like you are at a bar at the beach!

Beyond the delicious cocktails, Dee is a self-started Haitian entrepreneur operating a small business. It is imperative that we promote and invest in Black-Owned small businesses.

Purchase these delicious cocktails here.

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