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Stay updated here on initiatives that you can get involved in. 

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About NP

Cultivating Palates Where Food Is Love

Nourished Palate is a digital community. 


In November 2019, Ashia was determined to develop a platform geared at cultivating a community of eaters, cooks, growers, creators, and entrepreneurs who all share one thing in common - a love for food and its intersectionality. 


Since NPs inception, this is what went down:

  • Ashia dropped a plethora of recipes

  • Ashia started a podcast interviewing Black visionaries making their way into the industry

  • Ashia turned Nourished Palate into a business selling Caribbean-baked products at local farmer's markets

  • Ashia published guides on supporting community initiatives, growing your food and finding food excursions off the beaten path 



Visionaries Podcast

Nourished Palate features visionaries in the food community leading innovation in various avenues of food. 
This podcast is available on Apple & Spotify

Farmer's Market



Support Black LGBTQ+ Youth
Mutual Aid Fund

Black LGBTQ+ Youth (16-24) can request immediate funds for meals, protest supplies, rent assistance, or whatever the fuck they want until the fund runs out:​

More about the founders:

Venmo/CashApp: @EmptyYour


Help Fund 
Nourish Botanica -
A Black Owned Greenhouse & Eatery

Nourish Botanica is a greenhouse eatery slated to launch in 2021 in the South and aims to be a space for sustainable green entertaining and gathering that supports the local food, art, and agriculture ecosystem. The eatery will serve Caribbean and Southern deli-style vegan offerings by day and open in the evening for public and private events. It will also operate as a nursery, selling plants, flowers, and herbs as well as offering gardening education and services through our farm partners. At our Botanica Bar, they will provide healing through art, flowers, and plants that are grown in their greenhouse, food as medicine, and herbal blends through teas, juices, and mocktails.


Help Fund
Sister's Unchained 

Sisters Unchained is a program dedicated to the collective leadership, healing, and creative expression of women and non-gender conforming people of color who are impacted by incarceration.

  • Every $1900 we raise covers 1 Sisters Unchained member for our 6-week summer program.

  • Every $6000 we raise covers one month of operation costs through the year. This includes weekly sessions, food, materials, rent, facilitator stipends, and monthly Little Sisters mentoring program.

  • Every $116,695 we raise funds Sisters Unchained for an entire year.

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