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Food Visionaries Series Episode 1- Vanessa García Polanco

Nourished Palate Food Visionaries Series:

Ashia Aubourg, the founder of Nourished Palate, interviews visionaries in the food community leading innovation in various avenues of food.

Vanessa García Polanco

"Food has the power to drive economic development, environmental change, and community building" - Vanessa

Vanessa is an experienced leader, researcher, speaker, writer, and organizer working with food, agriculture, and sustainability stakeholders to create and strengthen sustainable and just food systems and communities. Vanessa is currently the Federal Policy Associate at the National Young Farmers Coalition.

During this interview, we discuss topics of:

  • Food Justice

  • Racial Justice

  • Dominican Foodways

  • Tips for how to Engage in Food Policy/Advocacy

  • Vanessa's Vision for a Just Food System

To learn more about Vanessa check out her website here.

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